Seismology Laboratory is one of well-equipped Heavy Structural Laboratory at Faculty of Civil Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Mara, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia was established in 2008. This lab has the up-to-date laboratory equipment and facilities to conduct research work based on the current issues faced by the communities either nationally or internationally. Most of the research work conducted in this laboratory was funded from local research grants such as Dana Kecemerlangan UiTM, e-Science Fund from MOSTI, MoHE (FRGS, RAGS, eRGS), CREAM and grants from Universiti Sains Malaysia. This laboratory also provides testing facilities and software analysis using non- linear time history analysis for past earthquakes excitation using Ruaomoko 2D program. The members of this group have published text books, monograph/research books, more than 300 papers in high impact factor journals, refereed journals, proceedings locally and internationally. The outcomes of these research works were seismic wall panel products, seismic beam-column joints and seismic reinforced concrete frame have been successfully won awards at national and international competition such as IIDEX, MTE, ITEX, PECIPTA and British Exhibition Show (BES).



  • To serve as advisory services to the local communities related to infrastructures and structural damages after the natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and floods.
  • To design, construct and conduct scientific experimental research and performed mathematical modeling related to the seismic performance of the structural components such as precast wall panels, beam-column joints, reinforced concrete frames and based isolated system subjected to in-plane, out-of-plane and vertical cyclic loads
  • To provide the testing facilities and consultancy work for industrial products to meet the requirement/ specification of the current standard or code of practice.
  • To embark on collaborative research with varies research centers (HICOE), construction industries, local and international universities around the world.



The research areas and testing of the specimens in this laboratory can be divided into four types of loadings and components as listed below:

  • In-plane Lateral Cyclic Loading – RC beam-column joint, steel connections, precast shear-key wall panel, moment resisting reinforced concrete frame, IBS structural components, tunnel form building system, insulated sandwich panel, wall-slab joint, brick/masonry wall panel, bridge piers and decks.
  • Out-of-plane Lateral Cyclic Loading – reinforced concrete wall-slab joint, tunnel form building system, insulated sandwich panel and precast shear-key wall panel.
  • Vertical Cyclic Loading – RC beam-column join, steel bolted connections and beam-slab joint.
  • Repairing, Strengthening and Retrofitting Method using Carbon Fibred Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), steel plate, steel angle and enlargement of columns for precast column-joint with corbel, tunnel form building, bare moment resisting frame (MRF), MRF infill with insulated sandwich panel, MRF infill with masonry wall, base isolation system.



  • Conduct experimental work in the seismic laboratory for research and consultancy purposes.
  • Workshops and seminars for researchers, civil engineers, consultants and others
  • Consultancy works for testing sub-assemblage and super-assemblage as part of the structural components in heavy structural laboratory.
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of the tested specimen in the laboratory.







Reaction Frame

To allocate the specimen in the right position before testing take place

Load Cell

To measure the amount of lateral load applied to the specimen


To measure the lateral deformation and deflection of the specimen

Data Logger

To monitor and plot the movement of the displacement of specimen

Double Actuator

To supply the lateral load for cyclic loading (loading and unloading path)

Control Room

To create data input for drift  using different  patterns of displacement

Strong Floor

To clamp the specimen to the strong floor so that it will not move while testing under lateral cyclic loading.




Name of Testing

Structural components



In-plane Lateral Cyclic Loading

RC beam-column joint

Steel connections

Precast shear-key wall

Moment Resisting Frame (MRF)

IBS structural component

Tunnel  form building

Lightweight wall panel

Wall-slab joint

Brick wall panel

Masonry Wall

Insulated Sandwich Panel

Bridge piers and deck

Out-of-plane Lateral Cyclic Loading

RC wall-slab joint

Tunnel  Form Building

Insulated Sandwich Panel

Vertical cyclic loading

RC Beam-column joint

Steel  connection

Beam-slab joint

Repair and retrofitting

 Using CFRP, Steel Plate

Beam-column joint

Tunnel  Form Building

Bare MRF

MFR infill with insulated sandwich panel

MRF infill with masonry wall

Columns of the bridge piers and foundation beam




 Assoc. Prof Dr Nor Hayati Abdul Hamid

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 Dr NorliyatiMohd Amin

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 Rozaina Ismail

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